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Meet the Fancy Fanny Pack: Dressy Ways to Wear a Sling Bag

Meet the Fancy Fanny Pack: Dressy Ways to Wear a Sling Bag - Lyons Leather Co.

Think there’s no such thing as a fancy fanny pack? Think again! The Bee is the cute, convertible, and fancy (when you need her to be) leather pouch you didn’t know existed but definitely need. Why? Because you shouldn’t have to buy multiple bags for multiple occasions. You should have one fancy sling bag that you can dress up or down, and that’s exactly what the Bee is! Keep reading to learn more about this versatile leather pouch, and discover six ways to wear a sling bag, fanny pack, or shoulder bag to an elevated occasion. 

Can Fanny Packs Be Stylish?

Yes, fanny packs can absolutely be stylish, but only if they are the right material and design. When you think of a fanny pack, does an athletic-looking nylon bag come to mind? I don’t know about you, but I don’t see myself wearing something that casual to a nice dinner, wedding, or work event.

While fanny packs have a reputation for being outdated, unfashionable, or sporty, you can find dressy fanny packs made with high-quality leather, suede, or other materials that look chic and sophisticated. The design also plays a huge role in whether you have a fancy fanny pack you can wear anywhere or a casual bag suited for certain situations only. 

However, it's important to note that not all fanny packs are created equal, and many cheaply made options still exist that can detract from an outfit rather than enhance it. Fortunately, you no longer have to face this dilemma because we’ve designed a versatile, stylish, fancy sling bag you can wear in multiple ways with any outfit. It’s called the Bee–it’s a leather pouch that converts into a fanny pack, shoulder bag, or sling bag and adds a modern twist to this retro accessory.

Fancy fanny pack, ways to wear a sling bag

What Makes the Bee a Dressy Fanny Pack?

The Bee is handcrafted with 100% full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, antique brass hardware, and durable, beautiful lining. We were going for classy yet casual, minimalistic yet fashionable, and chic yet colorful–and we nailed it. 

First off, the material. Leather is highly durable, yet it exudes luxury and elegance. It’s what makes the Bee able to endure an outdoor adventure and still be ready for a late-night fancy dinner. 

Next, the design. The Bee doesn’t look like your traditional relaxed fanny pack. Its pouch shape was inspired by the marsupial and brought to life by tracing a medium salad bowl and cutting it in half to achieve the perfect half circle. As a fancy fanny pack, it holds its form, even when it’s packed full of all your essentials.

But the best part–and what truly makes the Bee fancy–is the ability to wear it as a fanny pack (around your waist), sling bag (around your chest or back), or shoulder bag (over one shoulder). The convertible snap strap makes it easy to choose the style that best suits the occasion! 

6 Dressy Ways to Wear a Sling Bag, Fanny Pack, and Shoulder Bag

Now that you know you can wear the Bee as a fancy sling bag, fanny pack, or shoulder bag, it’s time to get creative. Here are six ways to wear your Bee and tips for dressing it up and enhancing your style.

1. Wear Your Fancy Sling Bag with a Blazer

Consider pairing a fancy sling bag with an oversized blazer to elevate your style while staying practical. This combination creates a chic and professional look that is perfect for the office or any dressy occasion. To complete the outfit, opt for tailored trousers and pointed-toe heels, which will add an extra dose of elegance. 

When it comes to wearing a sling bag with a blazer, it's important to wear the bag across your chest instead of around your waist. This not only looks more stylish but also helps to balance out the proportions of your outfit, resulting in a stylish, polished look.

2. Wear Your Fancy Sling Bag Over a Maxi Dress

Dress up your maxi dress with a leather sling bag that complements the color scheme of your dress. (The Bee comes in staple and unique colors, so you always have a bag that matches your style). Complete the look with ankle boots for an added touch of sophistication. This combination is perfect for a day out shopping or an evening dinner date with friends. 

You can wear the sling bag across your chest or back for this outfit–whichever way doesn’t take away from the flowy silhouette of the dress. Pairing a fancy sling bag with a maxi dress gives you an instant chic and effortless look.

3. Wear Your Fancy Fanny Pack with a Jumpsuit

Pair your jumpsuit with a dressy fanny pack to add a touch of retro style without getting too casual. Opt for a structured fanny pack in a high-quality material like leather (hello, Bee!), which will elevate the look and create a more polished effect. 

Wear the fanny pack around the front of your waist, on the side, or in the back–whichever way is most comfortable and compliments your outfit. This look is perfect for a night out, whether you're heading to a trendy bar or hitting up a concert. It's also a great way to keep all your essentials within easy reach, leaving your hands free to dance or snap some photos.

4. Wear Your Fancy Sling Bag Over a Sweater Dress

A sling bag can spruce up a cozy sweater dress, making it perfect for a chilly fall or winter day. To achieve this look, pair a tailored coat with your favorite sweater dress and accessorize with a small fancy sling bag made from high-quality leather. The sling bag serves as a practical yet fashionable accessory that lets you keep your essentials close at hand without detracting from your outfit's overall aesthetic. 

Try adding some statement earrings to dress up the look for a bit of extra flair. This outfit is perfect for an engagement party with friends or even a day at the office. It's comfortable enough to wear all day long while still looking put-together.

5. Wear Your Fancy Shoulder Bag With a Skirt Suit

If you want to add a modern twist to a classic look, consider pairing a tailored skirt suit with a fancy shoulder bag. (Of course, with the Bee, you don’t have to get a new bag for this look. Just convert the straps into the perfect over-the-shoulder bag). 

This updated take on a traditional outfit adds a touch of unexpected edginess while still keeping things refined. To pull off this look, it’s essential to choose a leather bag that’s sleek and understated, so it complements the sophistication of the skirt suit without competing for attention. 

6. Wear Your Fancy Fanny Pack with a Fitted Midi Dress

A fitted midi dress looks great with a small, structured fanny pack. Opt for a sleek design that complements the sophistication of the midi dress, like a classic black or brown fanny pack. Pair it with some strappy heels for a chic and professional look that's perfect for a business lunch or meeting. Or dress down the outfit slightly by swapping the heels for a pair of sneakers for a more casual daytime style.

Get a Women’s Stylish Fanny Pack from Lyons Leather Co.

At Lyons Leather Co., we make it easy to dress up any outfit with the Bee–a stylish leather pouch that you can convert into a fancy fanny pack, sling bag, or shoulder bag. The best part? The Bee comes in two sizes: OG Bee and Biggie Bee–a slightly larger version that fits even more of your essentials while remaining compact and structured. Shop today to get your new favorite buttery leather hip pouch–and find a matching leather wallet and keychain to complete your ensemble!



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